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Pop artist, Elizabeth Young, has quietly made major strides as a young new rising star. In October 2020 at just 16, she developed her debut EP alongside Charlottesville, VA producer, Chris Keup (Jason Mraz, O.A.R.,Lena Fayre).

Following that EP, in 2021, she started releasing exciting new singles. First came “Dead End” a track about feeling like you’re stuck at a dead end with no other road to go down. “Dead End” started to get fans following from around the world. Next came “Could Be Easy,” which immediately landed on Apple Music’s “Best New Songs” (country) upon release. A week later YouTube placed it on their top Teen Country Playlist. Soon after, TikTok picked her video for  "Could Be Easy” and placed it on their top trending page. Then came Video Star which gave her a front page feature for an entire week.

Elizabeth has continued to evolve as a songwriter and recording artist. In April 2022 she was named as as one of the top 3 finalists in the prestigious Bernard Ebb Songwriting Contest where she performed in front of a sold out crowd.

Elizabeth recently traveled from her home base just outside of Washington, DC, to Nashville, TN where she teamed up with producer Mitch Furr (Sadie Hawkins, Keith Urban, Eric Paslay), to co-write new music and record her latest songs.

Her previous release entitled “I Need Better” is a song ultimately about optimism, hope and not playing it safe. It’s about going outside a person’s comfort zone to gain new experiences because feeling something new is better than feeling nothing new. "I Need Better" reminds her that we are all in a confusing world, but we still need to believe that there is better out there for all of us.

Elizabeth started college last fall, and she is majoring in music industry and plans to continue her rising career. We can’t wait to see what she has in store for her fans next!

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